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Beni Ecclesiastici in weB

BeWeB Beni Ecclesiastici in web


This site have a database including many informations of Italian culture heritages of Catholic Church, not only the heritage objects also projects, books, institutions and so on.


The project from 1996.

The languages are mainly in Italian, and English, French, Spanish and German.

The huge data about cultural heritages informations with images are registered here, to be updated timely ( this numbers in 28th November 2022)


The top page is mainly can seen news, the search boxes in the top. the links of social tools is on the top right are found easily and changed the languages.

contents of the site

  • Events and News (in Italian)
  • Inventories 
  • Glossary (terms in Italian)
  • Links
  • Contact


  • religious buildings (church, house)
  • art works and objects (painting, statue, church bell, manuscript, organ)
  • artists (painter, architect, scupltor)
  • institutions (archive, museum, library)
  • archival documents
  • books in ecclesiastical libraries

searching in the database

You can search the objects by

  • keyboard, Name
  • year
  • location (region, map)
  • type 
  • with image or not 

the results

  • Texts informations (include history)
  • image
  • location on the map
  • objects by same person
  • suggestion related objects