3minutes healing “Emotion Free” Youtube ♡ 英語版できました




Hi, this is Anna (Haruna Saito).


I am a therapist ” Emotion Free” a Japanese method,

an organist for renaissance music,

live in Bologna, Italy, come from Tokyo.


I am explaining a simple version of our emotional relief therapy,

named “Emotion Free (Inagaki method)”

Please try it together with Video.


(From the courtyard of St. Stefano’s oldest church in Bologna, I took a video of the third video)


Anna’s emotion free official website, and blog


(this site)


In my blog, I write about spiritual, Italian, music, organ, etc.

please have a look ❤︎


I have an online sessions of emotion free and also channeling session


Note* Normal emotion free is more effective for your releasing complex problems and worries.